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Testimonial of Linda Bowden Area Manager for Littleinventorsmontessori.co.uk

My name is Linda Bowden and I am the area manager for Little Inventors Montessori. I have worked with little Inventors Montessori since 2018 and continue to enjoy every moment. Within our early years provisions our company has 5 exceptional nursery sites that offer outstanding childcare for children and their families. We are investors in people and therefore retain our staff teams to maintain the quality we are proud to promote as a quality provision of early years.
I am an enthusiast of our vision which enables all children to develop to their full capabilities as successful learners and confident individuals. As our aim is to provide a safe, happy and caring learning environment, I am certain that we are able to facilitate our aims with our amazing highly motivated qualified employees; this enables us to establish the key for success in developing a culture of ambition and achievement that promotes wellbeing and respect in an inclusive and harmonious environment for both our children and staff teams as both learners and educators.
Our strong and transparent relationships with our parents as partners offer us the opportunity to promote in partnership the welfare of our children to be resilient and respectful of the wealth of cultures and diversity within our communities as we thrive in a positive blended mix of strength and abilities.
As an area manager for little Inventors Montessori, I view that my key responsibilities are to monitor our settings values to ensure we are compliant with all regulatory standards, promote and reflect best practice that will ensure our settings offer a consistently high standard of education and care with a transparent reflection on what works well and where we can improve on our offer of quality childcare and education.
I have confidence in our system of safer recruiting to ensure that we employ the best candidates for our settings to enhance and build upon the quality of service I am happy to offer our families. I believe that an essential part of my role is to be accountable to our ethos, therefore, it is essential that I am prompt when dealing with any parent or staffing queries, concerns or complaints in a timely and professional manner, address and action a clear accountable pathway to success for all.
I endeavour to foster an inclusive and comprehensible style when contributing to the effectiveness of the management team. I personally do this by maintaining a positive and effective communication channel with our excellent senior leadership team, staff team and head office employees. I update all policies and procedures and disseminate this across our company to ensure best practice is maintained. The safety of our settings ensure that all children and staff team members are afforded with the quality of care that we are keen to establish within our education settings.
Little Inventors Montessori has a wealth of opportunity to offer both for childcare and employment. I believe we deliver upon our objectives and safeguard everyone in our care and employment. We are a well-established company that promotes and offers the best, as we are the best.
Written by Linda Bowden – Area Manager for Little Inventors Montessori

Alma Imamovic ELDT  Manager

Testimonial of Alma Imamovic ELDT Manager for Littleinventorsmontessori.co.uk

My name is Alma Imamovic. I am currently working as an ELDT manager for Little Inventors Montessori. I have a range of qualifications within Early Years; and over 15 years of experience working in Early Years, where I started as a student and with dedication, commitment and development of new skills, reached where I am today; My employment with Little Inventors Montessori started in 2018 and still is very joyful and very rewarding place to work.

At Little Inventors Montessori we all are respected, given opportunities to develop our skills, opportunity to study, learn and be promoted. Staff is rewarded with many benefits but most importantly with very "open door policy" to support everyone's well being and personal training and development.

My time is equally divided, visiting all of our 5 amazing settings ,supporting staff team to deliver daily outstanding practice, creating inviting, curious and inspiring environment, enabling all the staff team to have high aspiration for all of our children, preparing them for transition and their next learning journey.

We take pride in delivering Montessori philosophy and approach which is very much foundation of leaning within our settings.

Montessori approach along with EYFS development support all the children's independence and ability to do things for themselves.

This is achieved by giving children opportunities; opportunities to move, to dress themselves, to choose what they want to do, and to help the adults with tasks. When the children are able to do things for themselves there is an increase in their self belief, self confidence and esteem that they may carry on throughout their life as this is our main vision to prepare children for life, helping them to develop range of skills for their future and be successful, confident individuals who will make a difference in their communities.

To summarise how special our settings are this is what we face daily and what make us stronger and unique.

  • HAPPINES AND WELL BEING – showing kindness to each other, staff team, parents and children
  • ENGAGEMENT – being involved, responsive, interested and interesting
  • RESPECT- promoting a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunities
  • COMMUNICATION - being genuine, open, honest and sincere
  • ACHIEVEMENT – highest quality, high expectations and aiming high
  • INTEGRITY – means doing the right thing at all times ( you do not need anyone to watch over your shoulder to do it right )
  • PARTNERSHIP AND CARE - being reflective, learning from parents as a partners, developing strong nurturing relationship
  • CHALLENGING - testing ourselves and those around us, not accepting the status QUO (the existing state of affairs)
  • COMMITEMENT TO EXCELENCE – developing skills for learning, life and work

Written by - Alma Imamovic ELDT- Manager


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